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Zhejiang Tianle Audio Ltd. is located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the birthplace of opera, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tin Lok Group. Its own brand of "Shenzhou-day music", "TEINURO" in the domestic market enjoys high popularity and reputation. TEINURO Shenzhou-day music with speakers, speaker, electronics department, mold department and injection department. Currently has a speaker unit R & D, electronics assembly, box processing and assembly, mold manufacturing, injection molding, and metal processing as a whole, complete and perfect massive audio products processing capacity, including the most high-end speakers have their own processing HIFI piano, days music audio production scale ranks forefront of the industry at home and abroad. Product quality strictly follow the national compulsory 3C certification, CE certification standards by international standards. 2010 TEINURO become Shanghai Expo licensed products manufacturer third party manufacturers. Shenzhou-day music is the famous American car speakers TC SOUNDS distributor in Asia Pacific.
Tin Lok Group, founded in 1974, the predecessor of Shengzhou County electro-acoustic equipment factory, the registered capital of 51.8 million yuan, is located in Shengzhou Economic Development Zone. Group has "Tin Lok Industrial Park" and "days of digital music garden", "Jiao Town Industrial Park" and four park "Tin Lok Weidianyuan", with a total area of ​​500,000 square meters (about 725 acres), with a total construction area 525,000 square meters; deadline by the end of December 2010, the Group's total assets amounted to 1.5 billion yuan, of which net fixed assets of 866 million yuan; 2011 sales revenue of 3 billion yuan, export earning $ 320 million; existing staff of 3600 people, 628 people including college graduates.
After 30 years of development, Tin Lok Group has developed into one of the domestic LCD TV exports larger enterprises, Asia's largest manufacturer of professional speaker parts and professional audio products manufacturer. Zhejiang Tianle Group has electro-acoustic Co., Zhejiang Tianle Digital Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tianle Sound Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Tianle Import and Export Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hua Yue Electronics Co., Ltd. and so on. Among them, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Tianle Digital Electric Co., Ltd. now has an LCD TV production line 7, has formed a production capacity of 2 million units annual output of LCD TVs, and all exports to the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions, in addition to the promotion of self-brand "Shenzhou-day music", "SZTL" and "TEINURO", but also engaged in OEM and ODM production; Zhejiang Tianle electro-acoustic Co., Ltd. has machining centers, automatic and high-precision quantitative papermaking machine, automatic positioning producer molding machines and other production equipment, advanced speaker parts, speaker parts products in the domestic market coverage of more than 80%, more than 30 percent of products are exported to 36 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other continents and regions, with Nokia, Philips, Harman and other foreign investors to establish a stable business relationship. Group has a strong scientific research, technology, offers national post-doctoral research station, is the first technology center in Zhejiang Province, has more than 190 R & D personnel, including eight senior titles, intermediate title 56 people, postdoctoral two people; get much term national and provincial scientific research, and has more than thirty-related patents. While actively developing products in the country, establish long-term cooperative relationship between the famous universities in the province of companies. 1996, with Zhejiang University to develop and improve the electro-acoustic mold CAD / CAM applications; same year, jointly developed with the Nanjing University of Acoustics speaker cone F0 computer automated test sub-file analyzer; 2002, the Group's cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology, completed the design of Tin Lok Technology Industrial Park center room, network system.